Jesus is the Way to God

Discover Hope By Finding Jesus

We do believe there is hope for life. It is our conviction that you can have a life of hope, joy, peace, purpose and glory. That hope is found in God. He made you, loves you, and wants the best for you…both now and forever. And to make sure you found your way to him, God did an extraordinary thing: He sent his Son Jesus to show you the way. Jesus himself said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Why do we need help to get to God? Because we live in a world that is in conflict. There is evil in this world and that it is in conflict with good. This evil is called sin and it is rebellion against God. It is easy to believe that we are not a bad person and that we can make sense of our life. But deep in our heart is that knowledge that we are not good enough, or powerful enough to make sense of this world and our life. We have done things we shouldn’t have, and not done things we should have. We hunger to know the God who is perfect, who made this world, and who can make sense of life. But none of us is perfect…better than some, worse than others. So who are we to ask anything of God? Our very lives must be offensive to God. And we cannot fix it.

That is why God sent Jesus, his perfect Son. He told the story of his Son in a book so we could know him personally. We believe that the book called the Bible really is the Word of God, and it is where the good news about Jesus is found. The good news that God’s own Son was born into this messed-up world, that he lived like we live, and that he let himself die for our mistakes…for each of our sins. He paid a price for us so we could each face God without the shame and guilt of sin. Jesus models how to live a God designed and directed life in this world.

Jesus is the way back to God. He is the answer, the door, the life, and the way to the God who offers hope. Through Jesus we have found meaning, joy, peace, and purpose in each of our lives. Because of what he did, we believe we can live forever with God. We believe that the good news about Jesus is not just that he died for our sins. It is also that God raised him from the dead. Now that makes sense. That God would send his Son to this earth, he would show us how to live, he would die for our sins, and then that God would raise him from the dead.

It makes more sense to us than anything else in this world. So if you want to learn more about Jesus, visit our Resources page. If you want to move along the path and see how to make a life of hope real, click on Continue. Or let the Hope for Life team hear from you.


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