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HopeForLife.org is based in Abilene, Texas. We are part of a larger nonprofit organization, Herald of Truth. Our goal, and the goal of the larger organization of which we are part, is to use the best means of the times (whether that be radio, television, or—in our case—the Internet) to reach the most people with everlasting hope.

Our site was originated over five years ago, but in September of 2006, we decided to sharpen our focus. Our only desire is to share with you what we've found about living a life of hope. We, as a team, try to present to you real experiences from everyday people such as ourselves. We don't assume we know it all, but we do believe we know the way to find ultimate happiness and peace.

And who are the three guys whose pictures are on the site? We're the three members of the Hope for Life team who work most closely with this site. We've included our pictures so that you can have an idea who you are interacting with.

Here's a little info about us:

Skye Noe (skye@hopeforlife.org)

Tim Archer
(tim@hopeforlife.org) — Before moving to Abilene, Tim had already spent 20 years in Christian ministry. He spent 15 of those years in Argentina. Besides rooting for the Argentine national team (soccer and basketball), Tim spends time with his wife and with his two kids.

Steve Ridgell (steve@hopeforlife.org)

Four Steps To Hope...

There Is Hope For Life

In a world full of pain, despair, uncertainty, and fear, we believe there is hope. We believe it is possible to live a life of hope, joy, peace, and purpose... [Read more...]

Hope Is Found In God

We believe true and lasting hope is found only in God. God made you, loves you, and wants the best for you. He wants you to be part of His family, now and forever... [Read more...]

Jesus Is The Way To God

God loves you so much that He did an extraordinary thing: He sent His Son to earth to show you the way to God. Jesus makes it possible for us - imperfect, not good enough us- to be with a perfect God... [Read more...]

You Can Choose This Life of Hope

You are invited to make hope real by giving up your life... to find life in Jesus. And you are invited to share in life together with those who have made this same decision. [Read more...]

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